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Effortless High Quality Clothing

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Tie Dress ―€99

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Desy Karapchanska a leading lady in business shares her three golden keys to success

By: Agnes Aistleitner

What does it mean to be a Global Shaper? Beyond the definition of a person who helps shape the future and builds communities, a Global Shaper is an individual who has an idea of how to improve the world and works their methods to achieve this goal. Desy Karapchanska is a stellar example of a leading entrepreneur in the business industry. From leadership positions at WATT + VOLT in her home country Greece to founding her own management and consulting firm, Desy has a strong mindset on how to prosper in today’s digital economy. In our interview, she gives us a glimpse of what it’s like to climb the business ladder and how to do this with style and in heels.