5 Reasons To Try An Online Personal Stylist

Today’s working women seem to have more items on their to-do lists—and less time to complete the tasks—than ever before. With limited time for shopping and a constant need for looking professional at work, more and more women have decided to outsource their workwear concerns to online stylists who are experts on the matter and are able to reduce the daunting task from hours in a shopping mall to just a few clicks. 

If this sounds familiar to you and you value saving time and investing it on what really matters, here are just a few reasons why the Sutari Box is the right online personal stylist for you and how it can help you evolve your work wardrobe while granting access to a whole array of high-end workwear pieces:

1. You save time. Simple. When a team of passionate stylists simplify your life and shopping tasks, what's not to like? At Sutari we are dedicated to empower women by giving them confidence with their wardrobe & individual personal style. This gives them the chance to spend more time achieving their career goals, and less on worrying about the appropriateness of their outfit for work. 

2. You have fun trying new things. Having a stylist is the right opportunity to introduce new colours and pieces to your work wardrobe, while discovering new ways to accentuate your natural features. Our stylists will introduce you both classic and trendy pieces, and will help you interpret new trends depending on your work environment and the story you want to tell. 

3. You have access to affordable curated fashion. One of our core values is designing each workwear piece with the ideaof it lasting longer than clothing of traditional mainstream brands. Never be stuck for what to wear again with a wardrobe that works for you. You can rely on your stylist for each new season and year-round inspiration.

4. You can discover your workwear style. Our personal stylis will ask questions about fit, style, and budget to get a sense of your personal style, but you can work with them as much or as little as you like. After the short questionnaire you will get a box with all you need to set up a stylish yet work appropriate outfit that you can combine with your actual wardrobe and be sure will be lasting. 

5. All returns are free. Sometimes you may want to explore more of the Sutari collection and a new set of workwear outfit would be made for you. That is why all returns are free with the included shipping label in the Sutari Box.

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