Desy Karapchanska a leading lady in business shares her three golden keys to success

What does it mean to be a Global Shaper? Beyond the definition of a person who helps shape the future and builds communities, a Global Shaper is an individual who has an idea of how to improve the world and works their methods to achieve this goal. Desy Karapchanska is a stellar example of a leading entrepreneur in the business industry. From leadership positions at WATT + VOLT in her home country Greece to founding her own management and consulting firm, Desy has a strong mindset on how to prosper in today’s digital economy. In our interview, she gives us a glimpse of what it’s like to climb the business ladder and how to do this with style and in heels.    

B: Thank you for taking part in this interview Desy! Your career as a businesswoman is full of leadership roles and head positions. What drove you to enter such a competitive career in business?

D: Well, a leadership position was never the ultimate goal, since I started working ‘student’ jobs I took the work as a very important part of my life and part of my day, so I wanted to spend my time productively, thus always tried to give my best self. 

I believe that when you realize what you are good at, where your charisma is and then work very very hard with devotion and determination, you don’t even see the career path as a competitive one but rather as a pleasant challenge.

B: Your work experience has led you to become independent by founding your

own firm “Bloom Management Consulting”. Could you tell us a bit about what

your firm does?

D: Bloom is a management consulting firm focused on Start-ups. We do operational optimization, business development and new product development for your clients. A good idea well executed is the key to success and many times we see brilliant ideas from exceptional people that just lack something in order to become successful businesses. This ‘something’ is usually the lack of experience from the market and the ‘bottleneck problem’. We assist and guide our clients all the way to the top, from organizing their businesses better and more efficiently, to meeting the correct partners, expanding to the right markets and providing quality services and products to their clients.

B: The road to an independent career is never easy. What are some major

personal struggles you came across before going through with your decision?

D: You lose some, you win some. A person that has decided to follow an independent career has to realize this simple truth. When you decide to follow an independent career, especially in the beginning and especially if you were working in an organized corporate environment, you have to decide what you’re willing to give up in order to succeed. It’s almost impossible to have it all and the road to independence isn’t made out of rose petals. 

I personally struggled to promote myself personally as I was always used to promoting the firm I was working for as well as representing its vision and mission. I had to learn how to brand and promote myself. That is challenging especially for people that don’t enjoy the spotlight. Of course, the fear is always there but it’s more productive to somehow choose to ignore it. 

And what is failure? I also see failure if someone wants to do something but doesn’t because she/he is afraid of failing.

B: So how did you overcome thoughts of not succeeding?

D: Female leaders are sometimes depicted as coldhearted or power-hungry in a negative aspect. With action, you just take a decision and go on with it. You don’t have to overly focus and analyze the fears and the challenges, because they will always be there and will make you deviate from your path. 

B: Could you give us your personal take on what an actual leading lady is? 

D: An actual lady leader is a mix of a mother, a friend, a sister and a mentor. All the positive aspects of being a woman. You have to be able to recognize what your team needs, how they need to be guided, where their strengths and weaknesses are and work on that, to ‘feel’ the people and want the best for them and the best out of them. It’s a win-win approach as everyone is happy and feels useful and appreciated.

B: In your area of business what would you say are the three main keys to

staying hungry for success?

D: Success is different to everyone. To me the three main questions that need a

positive answer in order to feel successful are the following:

  1. Do I enjoy what I am doing?
  1. Does it have a greater impact on society?
  2. Does my work allow me to have the life I want to have?

B: And lastly, as a brand for career-oriented young women we support women who not only play the part but also dress the part. What are your personal favorite items to look and feel confident in an office environment?

D: I love high-heels. To me, they are to the most feminine item ever invented.

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