Winter Is Here: How To Dress for Work When It's Freezing Outside

Oh,.. Winter! That time of the year when we face the wardrobe dilemma of choosing between looking fashionable or staying warm.  Dressing for below zero degrees is already a challenge, but needing to look polished for work on top of it? Well, just because it’s freezing outside, doesn’t mean we have to collectively give up on our sense of style when getting ready for the office—it just means we can be a bit more creative when choosing our outfits in the morning. 

1. Knitwear is the key

Wearing knitwear to work is never more appropriate than in winter. At esyvte we have a whole array of turtlenecks, sleeveless sweaters (that you can combine with basic blouses or 3/4 sleeve shirts), and more. The advantage of knitwear is that it keeps you warm at work while you can still pull of that polished look without too much effort. Check our products here.

2. Layers, layers, layers.

At esyvte, we know that some offices are cold, while others are uncomfortably warm. And yours might even be both throughout the day. Wearing a sweater over a nice dress shirt, for example, offers some flexibility. You'll look professional when you're chilly and the sweater is on, and when you get warm and take it off.You can also layer by wearing warm socks, long underwear, or tights under your clothes.

3. Your commuting outfit matters

What you wear when you're commuting to work matters. If you're comfortable during your ride or walk to work, you have less of a need to catch up and warm up once you arrive at the office. Plus, as long as those accessories aren't old or tattered, they tend to look nice and professional — so you shouldn't feel the need to immediately rip them off the moment you walk through the door.

4. Have extras of everything!

Your office may be chilly sometimes during the cold winter months.And let's face it, most thermostats are off limits to employees, so you may not have much control over the temperature.

Having an extra black blazer or shawl may save you on days where you're freezing in the office. And the good thing is that a shawl can double as a blanket and you'll still look professional if you walk around the office with it wrapped around your upper body.

5. Finally, stay comfortable!

The most important part of playing with your outfits is that no matter what you choose. always choose comfort. Along with the tips here, remember to bring lip and hand care on your bag, as well as extra gloves, scarfs and hair bands just in case. 



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