esyvte Manifesto: Affordable High-End Business Wear For Real Women

When you think about women's business wear, you probably think of traditional pairs such as the matching jacket-pants or the jacket-over-dress combo. At esyvte, we believe business wear goes beyond matching tops and bottoms. What women wear to work every day holds the power to project their own story of courage and confidence along the daily challenges they face in their career. esyvte was born out of love for style and the need for high-quality workwear for real women who go from office to dinner, from networking to a client, or from a meeting to the plane.

We have envisioned a collection focused on easy-to-wear pieces for real women working in all different sort of environments (e.g. coaching, advertising agencies, consulting business, acccunting, law firms, etc.). Our core promise is designing exclusive workwear pieces that female leaders would feel comfortable wearing and could identify with. This promise holds true along the different shackles of our value chain including our material sourcing. Here is what esyvte is all about.

1. It's all about the fit. At esyvte we believe every piece we design should look and feel good on women of all shapes and sizes. That is why we are all about fit. Our dresses, blazers, blouses, pants and, in general, our collections reflect our core promise of designing pieces thinking of real women with real jobs that demand them to look and feel their best without compromising their flexibility or style. 

2. It's all about performance.  We are committed to design with passion but also with purpose. That is why our core promise also holds true to bringing the state of the art in performance fabrics to our collections. Why? Well, because real business women deal every day with challenging working sessions, business trips, presentations and even unpredictable situations on their agenda, and clothes shouldn't be one of them. From wrinkle free blazers, to easy-to-wash dresses and no-sweat blouses we have thought of it all.

3. And it's all about the experience. At esyvte we wanted to find a way to "marry" the convenience of online shopping, the opportunity of trying on clothes at home, and the uniquely affordable and especial opportunity to have personal stylists advising our customers about he best way to highlight their features and project a professional image at their workplace. That is why, besides our online shop we offer a Personal Styling Service for all business women out there looking for great outfits, but with no time for the unnecessary ordeal of shopping. Find out more here.


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