What Is Really Like To Work in Social Media? - A Sneak Peek Into The Life of Content Creator Laura Zöhrer

"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell" - Seth Godin

Careers in social media are picking up as companies understand the potential of targeting audiences online. Many creative and curious in the field want–or at least have thought they want–a career in this area. But what is it really like to work in social media? Is being a creator or a blogger a rosy journey as it sounds? In this interview, we’re going behind the scenes to see what it is really all about and how you can get your foot in the door of a social media position. Our guest is the Look Style award-winning content creator Laura Zöhrer, who has established herself as a Social-Media expert with impressive references to back up her title.

Laura has gained experience in the arts of combining what we know as traditional media to the endless job possibilities that the online world has to offer.  In addition to describing the process of managing the online image of other brands and companies, Laura tells us how she manages her private life and her life as a public figure.

Bih: Laura thank you so much for joining us in our interview series, it's such a pleasure to have you on board. I would love to start off by asking you to please introduce what you do and the tasks that come along with your job?

Laura: Thanks to you for having me. I will start by mentioning something crucial: my job is composed of several parts. I do not exclusively work as a blogger since I am not a huge fan of an irregular income. In addition to my media-related work, I also work approximately 20 hours a week as a Social Media Manager for Humana Austria and the rest of my time is spent on my blog and my education. To be more exact I work as a photographer, graphic artist, editorial planner, advertising/copywriter, interior designer, model, presenter, and speaker. I also do work in video editing.  

B: Have you always been interested in the creative industry in the media landscape or did you have aspirations of working in a completely different field?

L: I have always been interested in the creative media industry. I completed my High School with a focus on Media & Communication. Social Media Management encompasses all that and I think it's the right path for me.

B: The blogger scene in Vienna is a small circle, but yet competitive. How do you differentiate yourself from the crowd?

L: Personally, I find this competitive thinking terrible. Everyone should support and empower each other. I strive to stand out through my authenticity.

B: Would you say that you have a specific career goal in mind, or do you focus more on the job activities that spontaneously arise over time?

L: I have many smaller goals that I would like to achieve in this area. One problem is keeping up with how everything is fast-paced. Trends change every day.

B: Are there specific areas of your work that you like most? For example, photography, preparing marketing ideas for Humana or maybe writing for your blog?

There are many. Although my favorite part is the variety of it all - working in the office on one day and working from home on the next day, and then going to the stores again on the next day is a lot of fun. And of course the new ideas and implementations for projects.

I always come up with new content for my blog as well.

B: Where do you think your inspiration comes from, for example, when working on a photography project? Do you have any methods or rituals to be able to create fresh and relevant content over and over again?

L: The inspiration sometimes falls from the sky. On my phone, I’ve got notes with a whole bunch of ideas. Often I don’t even get to carry all of them through, there’s just not enough time to do everything. But I try to implement them according to how feasible they are.

B: All of the traveling and discovering new places and people seems like a dream. But like with any other job you sometimes need a breather. What helps you most when you need to recharge?

L: That’s easy! Put away your phone and enjoy the moment!

Put away your phone and enjoy the moment!


B: Fashion is a topic that you often post and blog about. How would you define your personal style?

L: I like to combine old and new things. Especially vintage pieces with more modern items from my wardrobe. I am very versatile, and I love eccentric things.

B: What would you advise other novice bloggers who also want to stand out from the masses? When it comes to working in social media, how should they find their individual voice or style?

L: Never give up! And live the dream! Be authentic and stay honest, that way nothing can go wrong.


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