No More Excuses! Get This 20 Min Work Out Plan And Start Getting in Shape

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Too much to do, lots of stress and no time to get active or hit the gym? If you have postponed To-Do “Go to the gym” again, you are not alone. We all know the struggle of getting a workout routine going, especially when you have to get ready for work at 8 am. Other things always seem to be the priority, and "not today" is what we tell ourselves. So how can you overcome fitness procrastination and finally establish a healthy routine?

First things first: remove the mental obstacle of going to the gym. You can always work out at home and, yes, with effective results! Thinking of real women with real job schedules, we have collected top excerises in a simple yet effective 20 min workout plan that you can download at the end of this post. 

Before you scroll down, keep in mind that working out wont do the magic. To get and stay in shape, we have also collected some of our favorite tips to feel energized along the day even when working out 20 mins in the morning. You'll see the results: 

Get enough Sleep.

There is nothing more important for starting a work day with energy than getting enough sleep. Between 7 to 9 hours of sleep are necessary for your body to function, depending on how active you are during the day. If you sacrifice your sleep, be prepared to feel less happy, overeat, be unproductive and watch your hormones start storing fat in unflattering places. Instead, set a sleep routine and try to stick to it.

Watch what you eat

Don’t torment yourself with a super strict diet. It’s enough to stick to proper healthy nutrition, when your organism gets plenty of essential nutrients. Be sure to eat enough proteins try to eat on a regular basis and cut back on sweets and juices.

Drink Water.

Drink enough water throughout the day, especially if your energy is decreasing, go and get that cup of fresh water. Having your own bottle and making a pause around the tea & coffee station is the best strategy to be energized and look radiant.

Train on a regular basis

If you want the training program to work, follow the regular timetable of exercising. Try to schedule them when it works best for you.

  In the morning, before breakfast.

  Immediately after work, before dinner or kicking back and relaxing at home.

  If you work from home for example, during your lunch break before eating lunch.

Recover, Relax and Breath

Over-exercising, not eating enough or not taking time off to do nothing will not help your career.  You haven't started an exercise routine until now because maybe that one time motivation to do something exhausting for an hour is just not replicable regularly. Take it slow, make it simple for yourself you will see slowly you will get fitter and eventually you will reach your fitness and health goals. Take a day off once a week.

Our downloadable plan will cover basic workout for next couple of weeks, which you can take in different tunes. You will need a work out clothing and a yoga mat. Also remember to:

 Stretch before you start.

 Separate the exercise days according to the groups of muscles: arms, hips, buttocks, legs etc. In the beginning it will help you to get used to the new physical activity.

 Stretch out again after your training.

Stay tuned: Our next exercise plan will be with a stepper.

Download the 20 Min Workout Plan here 


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