Our Story

We founded esyvte /e-shift/ in frustration to find decent priced high quality clothing that lasts. Our effortless and timeless designs by Jana Wieland among other creative contributors are produced in our own manufacturing in Kyiv, Ukraine employing 10 women at fair wages and distributed online without the margins of middlemen. We have one store partner in the first district of Vienna Not Another Concept Store notanother.at where our items can be found.

We want to bring tranquility to an overwhelming and overfilled consumer space, by offering a service saves time and stress through our free professional styling appointments, where a professional stylist picks out clothing suitable for your type and size before


Traditional designer brands the smallest expense where most value is created: at the production level. We want to bring more quality products at a better price to you because we think that it is important to have items that last a long time but also we believe that the current fashion industry system supports unfair labor practices and unsustainable production as too little is spent for the actual product. Our products come directly from our production directly to the customer and therefore we can allocate more expenses to quality fabrics and fair pay at production level.

We have to change how value is distributed in the garment supply chain. For the good of the workers, environment and for the benefit of the customers in receiving a higher quality product. - Agnes Aistleitner, Founder

Our Products

Our items are inspired by you: ambitious, smart and mindful women. We create the quality items that a
busy women's capsule wardrobe needs, to make it effortless in the morning to leave the house without spending too much time on what to wear. Our design criteria is to create comfortable yet stylish and professional clothing as well as design items that are easy care and offer additional utility for the workplace such as stretch, breathable fabrics and extra inside pockets. We are dedicated to sustainability working and repurposing dead-stock fabric and sustainable fabric suppliers from Italy and Germany.

Customization and Tailor Made
Upon request we offer tailoring and individual customizations such as embroidery. We make our items in our own workshop and in vetted partner factories in the Ukraine, where we have a team of motivated women tailoring experts creating exceptional quality. 


Shopping for the right clothing that fits, can be a time consuming and often stressful experience. To save you time and joyful way of shopping, we created our style appointments: You can book at our pop up or selected locations a style appointment where our stylists pick the right items for you and once you arrive they wait in the right size next to a cabin so you can enjoy a coffee or a sparkling wine and try them on. If you can’t make it to an appointment reach out to us our stylists will also be happy to help you online to find the right clothing for you and then send them to you, you only keep what you like and send the rest back to us.

Building a career for oneself is a tough endeavor and we all have many questions and would like to know how other women got there, we hope as a brand and community to support other women in reaching their career goals while enjoying life. In our blog we collect stories from women like you and try to answer some of the questions we have/had that could be useful for other women to learn from our experience. 

Dressing as a woman for work should be effortless, fun and fast.  

Safe Payment

We work with safe payment providers such as Stripe and Paypal

 Online Support

We are happy to help you with any questions concerning product or styling. 

Free Shipping

Orders from over 150€ in Austria, Germany, UK, Denmark and Netherlands enjoy free Shipping

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