Esyvte is a brand for young women who seek to build a career for themselves. We want to create the kind of stylish and comfortable clothing that makes it effortless to put on in the morning and go to work without worrying too much what to wear, because you know you have the kind of pieces that just fit and look good.

Our products are designed to be unique stylish, comfortable through performance fabrics and extremely useful with extra attached pockets. For some items we offer tailoring and individual customizations such as embroidery. We make them in our own workshop and partner factories in the Ukraine, where we have a team of motivated women tailoring experts creating exceptional quality. We are dedicated to sustainability working and repurposing dead-stock fabric and sustainable fabric suppliers from Italy and Germany.

We also designed a styling and shopping service for those of us that do not really like to shop. We have online stylists and stylists at our pop up that give unique tailored recommendations to find the right clothing for you and then send it to you in a box, you only keep what you like and send the rest back to us.

Building a career for oneself is a tough endeavor and we all have many questions and would like to know how other women got there, we decided to collect stories from women in our blog and also try to answer some of the questions we have/had that could be useful for other women to learn from our experience.